7 Travel Essentials

It's time to get out of town with some of Feliz Modern's travel essentials! Pack your bags with some of our vanity kits, notebooks, sleep masks, and greeting cards. Bon Voyage!

1. First Class Luggage Tag
Even if you’re sitting in coach, you’ll be rocking first class style with this chic first class luggage tag! 
2. Luggage Labels
Deck out all of your luggage with these warm and tropical destination stickers. You can also keep them for all of your scrapbooking and decoupage needs after you hit the beach this summer! 
3. Essentials Vanity Kit
Nothing says fun quite like confetti does. This essentials vanity kit will be the perfect thing to keep all of your liquids, makeup, and toiletries safe while traveling.   
4. Passport Pocket Notebooks
There is no better way to remember your trip than by writing your experiences down in a notebook. Recording your memories in this pocket sized notebook will be the perfect way to relive all of the fun you had during your travels. 
5. Travel Love Language Sleep Mask
You’ll have no trouble catchin’ some Z’s as you embark on your next adventure with this silky, weighted sleep mask. Whether it’s planes, trains, or automobiles, you’ll be lights out until you wake up in your next destination!
6. Juliet Rose Memoir Notebook
Have a long car or plane ride coming up? What’s a better way to pass the time than to journal about your experiences during your trip. This floral patterned notebook will be the perfect way for you to record all of the things you see as you travel the world. 
7. San Antonio Greeting Card
Wherever you are headed, we hope you make pitstop in San Antonio! The Alamo, the Riverwalk, and picking up some boots need to be on your bucket list this year. And don’t forget to send your loved ones this cute greeting card to let them know you’re thinking of them. 


You can find these and more in our Travel Collection

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