Artist Spotlight - Socorro Society

Interested in being stylish and sustainable? It seems like we are all trying to figure out how to lead more environmentally friendly lifestyles and one place we can all start is with our clothes. This week's artist spotlight is doing just that with her recycled headbands and scrunchies and she also uses embroidery to revive old clothing. Meet Lauren from Socorro Society and learn more about her sustainable business journey!

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m born and raised in San Antonio. Went to college in San Marcos, and cosmetology school in Austin. I worked in the Austin Film Industry for 5 years before moving back to San Antonio to pursue Socorro Society full time. I met my husband Chris shortly after moving back, and gained four bonus children when we married in 2017. My main focus and goal for Socorro Society is to make products using discarded textiles, and inspire people to curate a sustainable wardrobe for themselves.

Tell us about the items you create, design, and/or sell?

Socorro Society makes wire headbands and scrunchies from second hand clothing, putting good textiles back to use. They are sustainable and fashionable.

I also teach embroidery workshops, and sell embroidery patterns so that people can embroider on their own clothing, reviving old items instead of discarding and buying new.

What inspired you to start your business?

My love of vintage fashion and wanting to be my own boss started me down this path. Recently it’s been the importance of making a sustainable product. One that doesn’t add more waste to the world.

What plans do you have for the future of your business?

I’d love to grow our wire wraps into the next must have product! Grow our subscription boxes, and ultimately create awareness while helping people look good too.

Do you work with a team? If so, tell us a little bit about them!

My team consists of one husband (Chris Johnson) who makes all of my displays and helps with pop-ups if he’s not working. He is my number one moral and mental supporter otherwise it is just me, myself and I. I hope to have a team soon though!

What advice would you share with other creative entrepreneurs?

My no. 1 piece of advice is make your business your side hustle for as long as you can. Your business needs money to grow, and if you’re using all of your capital to live on, it’s hard to really make it. It’s too hard, and stressful. I would keep your day job, however much you’re dying to quit, for as long as you can. Once you work the numbers and know you can support yourself then go for it full time!

Tell us about an experience/lesson that shapes the way you operate today.

I took a trip down to the valley to pick some vintage clothing from the places on the border that are pay by the pound. What I walked into was warehouse upon warehouse of piles of secondhand clothing. Piled up to the rafters. I couldn’t believe it. I knew then that whatever my business turned into, it would always be driven by sustainability and using materials that already exist on this planet.

Who has mentored you along the way?

I haven’t had a formal mentor just yet, but I consider all of my fellow business owners to be mentors. San Antonio is such a small community and I’ve been so lucky to meet people who know the ups and downs of being in business. We share horror stories, triumphs, tips, pop-ups and a few drinks every now and then. Every conversation is always so fulling and helpful. It’s so nice talking to people who know what you’re going through.

Meet Lauren and shop her products at this upcoming pop up with Barbacoa Apparel at Feliz Modern Pop on February 23rd from 10 to 4.

Visit Lauren's website and follow her on instagram @socorro.society to learn more about how you can be sustainable and fashionable!

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