Day of the Dead Altar

Day of the Dead Collection for Altar Ideas
Day of the Dead Altar Ideas! 


Decorative Skulls

$14 - $65

Adding sugar skulls to your altar is a way to honor those who have passed. From small felt skeletons, embroidered skull pillows or large paper mache skeletons there are so many styles to choose from!

Papel Picado

(Translates to Perforated Paper)

$5 - $11

Papel picado is the perfect way to add color and dimension to your Day of the Dead space. Hang them from the edges of your altar, from the ceiling or put them on the wall!


$13 - $22

These fun shaped maracas are the perfect addition to any altar. No matter who you are honoring this year, maracas will bring color and sound to your Day of the Dead celebration!


$15 - $32

 Candles are used to guide and light the way for those who are being honored! Use candles to add beautiful scents and colors to your altar!


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