Feliz Modern Gifts for $10 and under

Gift Ideas for $10 and Under
Want More Gift ideas for $10 and under? See our full selection now!
Pins can used to accessories backpacks, lanyards, jackets or even hats! Pins are a cute and simple way to add some personal touches to any outfit!
Tacos Before Vatos Pin:
View our entire pin selection:  https://www.felizmodern.com/collections/pins
Air Fresheners: 
Get them a cute accessory for their car that adds so much personality! https://www.felizmodern.com/products/fch-air-fresheners
Such a great gift for anyone! Gift them a sticker they can put on their laptop, phone, or travel mug!
View our entire sticker selection:  https://www.felizmodern.com/collections/stickers
Their Fav Candies: 
Gift them their favorite candies but these have a bit of a tang! These are definitely a fav!

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