How To: Keep Your Ornaments Up Year Round

How To: Keep Your Ornaments Up Year Round
Hang Them From Your Vanity
hang the ornaments off of frames
How To: Keep Your Ornaments Up Year Round

There are so many of us that collect and gather ornaments throughout the year for our Christmas trees, but who says we have to put them up?  

Here are a couple of ways to keep your ornaments up year round!

Hang them from your vanity
What a fun a colorful way to add a bit of decor to your vanity section. Hang your favorite ornaments off the sides of your vanity so they can bring a smile to your face when you get ready in the morning!
Hang them under your kitchen cabinets
Add a small hook under your kitchen cabinets and the possibilities are endless! Add a single ornament to a colorful corner of your home to give it some extra dimension or add several ornaments to create an ombre effect!
Hang them near your work area
Need a little bit of inspiration while you work? Add some colorful pieces of wallpaper or wrapping paper to your work area. Hang some ornaments over top that spark some creativity & joy!
Hang them off the corner of your frames
Have some framed pieces of art or family pictures around the house? Hang your ornaments off of the corner to add an element of fun plus some more color! You can even place ornaments in a glass hurricane and place them around your home!

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