How To Style a Geometric Wreath!
Hang on the wall
Monochromatic Styling
Use the wreath as a base!
Get this Geometric Wreath here:
How to Style: One wreath four different ways!
Style with succulents
Lean the geometric wreath against a wall and style some succulents. Scatter in some moss balls for added color!

Hang from above

Use some fishing wire to hang the wreath from the ceiling. Tie in some flowers for the simple and elegant look!

Fill with paper flowers

Add a bunch of colorful paper flowers to the inside of the wreath. Tie some streamers and add some ornaments to match the theme!

Hang on the wall

Hang the wreath on the wall and add a couple of faux flowers. Such a quick and easy way to style this wreath!

Monochromatic Styling

Give this wreath a makeover by styling it using a monochromatic color scheme! Adding poms, maracas and a mask all in the same color family make this wreath pop!

Use the wreath as a base

While this wreath is beautiful on its own, there is an option to use the shape as a base for your decor! Style oversized butterflies, moths (really anything!) and attach some balloons directly to the wreath for this beautiful look!

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