Summer Camp Necessities

Sending your loved ones to camp this summer? We rounded up a few essentials perfect for camp and great ways to stay in touch with your campers this summer!

1. Camp Postcards

Hey Camper Flags

This set comes with 10 postcards and envelopes. Write your message add a stamp and send to family and friends.

Hello from camp postcards


Rainbow Camp Postcards 

5 different bold designs, comes in a set of 10 postcards and envelopes. Write your message and add a stamp. Simple and easy! 

Rainbow Camp Postcards


2. Prompted Fill in the blank Notepads 

We love these fill in the blank sheets filled with different prompts to get to know all the activities your camper is up to. These notepads make letter writing easy and fun! 
A promoted fill in notepad of 30 sheets and 10 envelops to send. With fill in the blank sentences like “My favorite activity today was..______” 
Hello From Camp Notepad
This set comes with 30 sheets and 10 envelopes. Our favorite question on this notepad is “The Best thing I ate today.. ____” 
Hello From Camp Pink & Green Notepad
3. Peace Love Camp Card with Criss Cross Puzzle 
A perfect card with a bonus activity! Inside the card is a criss cross puzzle to complete. 
Peace Love Camp Card
4. Happy Camper Pin 
The cutest bright yellow Happy Camper Pin . Show off that flair at camp and add to jackets and backpacks to show your camp pride! 
Happy Camper Pin
5. Sunny Camp Wooden Notebook 
Send your camper with this Sunny Camp Wooden Notebook to journal all of their camp experiences. A stylish pocket-sized real wood notebook, handy for jotting on the go during outdoor activities.
Sunny Camp Wooden Notebook  
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"I hate camping, but I love summer camp."
-Zooey Deschanel

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