Vendor Spotlight - That Cookie Tho

We hope you have enjoyed learning about the artists and vendors that we have the privilege of working with. We want to continue to share their stories with you because they're inspiring and they matter!

This week learn about local bakery, That Cookie Tho! Harley Amaro shares her background and how this sweet cookie operation got started.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hi, my name is Harley Amaro and we are That Cookie Tho. We specialize in creating fun, unique and original craft cookies for anyone looking for a different take on a classic sweet treat!

Tell us about the items you create, design, and/or sell?

What we’ve done is taken some of our family’s favorite treats and put a creative new spin on them. We focus on cookies because of the amazing memories we’ve all created around something so small, cute and sweet like a cookie. Whether it’s baking with your fam, curing the Monday blues, sharing them during the holidays or curing the cookie munchie craving, our recipes are created using our past stories and some current ones too. Our cookies are made from scratch to get the recipes just right. I’ve been baking with my nana in her kitchen since literally as long as I can remember, and our cookies include just as much sweet sass she’d served up in an apron.

What inspired you to start your business?

My passion for baking for others combined with my desire to start my own business  is what lead to the creation of That Cookie Tho. Some of the best times of my life were spent in the kitchen with my Nana. We would look through her giant recipe book together and bake up whatever we decided, well I think we’d usually end up baking whatever I wanted.  After pastry school I worked in the tourism industry for a few years and baked orders part-time by mostly word of mouth, but I always knew my passion belonged in the kitchen spreading the fun & love through baking just like my Nana did every day in her kitchen at Laura Steele Elementary. First we started by combining different flavors and playing with some of my favorite recipes with my mom and family being the official taste testers. Then we added some of our own brand of fun and a little sass in hopes of introducing something new and unique to San Antonio. We decided it was time to give it an official shot, and That Cookie Tho was born.

What plans do you have for the future of your business?

Well we do have a few tricks up our sleeve and hope to be able to share them with everyone soon.

Do you work with a team? If so, tell us a little bit about them!

Well I mentioned my Nana so much already but truly my family & best friends have supported my dreams since day 1. They were my first taste testers and most every recipe is created with one of them in mind. My mom loves her decadent chocolate just like me, but we’ve all had a sweet tooth our whole life! My husband and I love getting inspired for a new recipe actually! It’s really a fun experience; from working to tweak the flavors to get it just right, to giving the recipe it’s own personality. It’s something I truly love doing and just can’t wait for the future of our business.

What advice would you share with other creative entrepreneurs?

Just do it. If you have an idea just go with it. A small start is all you need and the passion to fuel it and allow it to grow. That and #beoriginal. Try something new, be inventive, be unusual and most of all be yourself.

Tell us about an experience/lesson that shapes the way you operate today.

San Antonio has been so welcoming to our concept and we couldn’t be more thankful. We learn something new literally every single day, and I think that’s one of the best takeaways so far. Just learn from each experience, delivery, guest interaction and even fellow friendly businesses owners. Continue to push the envelope. 

Who has mentored you along the way?

My husband. From the beginning he’s encouraged me to pursue my passion and really gave me the push I needed to take the risk. He’s loves to be involved and help as much as he can. It’s such a blessing to be able to work on all things That Cookie Tho together.

That Cookie Tho is a frequent vendor at our special events so be on the lookout for future Feliz Modern events. Follow That Cookie Tho on instagram @thatcookietho and catch them at future Feliz Modern events

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