Scratch & Sniff Sticker Pack


Scratch & Sniff Sticker Pack - Sweets!

6 fun smelling sweet treat stickers that are a super unique accessory for your phones, tech cases, travel bottles and more!  Gift this pack to your sticker collecting friend & share the love with this ultimate sticker pack! 

6 stickers total including:

1 Cookie - Marshmallow Scent

1 Raspado Sticker - Pineapple Scent

1 Paleta De Sandia Sticker - Watermelon Scent

1 Chocolate Treat Sticker - Chocolate Scent

1 Flan Sticker - Caramel Scent

1 Virgen De Guadalupe Votive Sticker - Rose Scent

dimensions: 2x3"

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