Millennial Lotería: Y2K Edition


Millennial Lotería: Y2K Edition!

Featuring the latest edition of the popular loteria series to you just can't get enough of! Perfect for game night, family night, or truly any occasion, this loteria is sure to be a hit at your next gathering! 

"El Flip Phone! La Boy Band! Los Beanie Babies! This Y2K Edition of Millennial Lotería is a nostalgic blast from the past that you’ll immediately add to your top 8 on Myspace."

This puzzle reminds us of neck chokers, low-rise jeans, and TRL & we love it because we’re about to play Millennial Lotería like it’s 1999.

Millennial Lotería: Y2K Edition blends your favorite "Mexican Bingo" game with all your favorite things from growing up in the late '90s! With all new cards like El AIM, El Ring Pop, Los Lunchables, and Las Frosted Tips, this Y2K edition will transport you right back to those nostalgic days.

Millennial Lotería: Y2K Edition includes:
• 46 cards
• 10 boards
• 108 CD tokens

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