Nacho Grain Free Tortilla Chips


Nacho Grain Free Tortilla Chips -

Siete searched all of Mexico to find the perfect nacho tree, and then they picked its tantalizing fruit for our Siete Nacho Tortilla Chips. Seriously, though, let's take a second to salute Ignacio "Nacho" Anaya, inventor of the eponymous Tex-Mex staple. Nacho, you rock!

Siete, is kinda like an Olympic gymnast who is going for gold, they like their routines to have a high degree of difficulty, and made their delicious cheesy Nacho flavoring without using any dairy.

For the seasoning blend, they spent hours in the kitchen getting the ratios just right and the final product is the perfect mixture of tangy, spicy, and cheesy. Smoked serrano and roasted garlic underlie the sophisticated savory flavor that provides the chips with an addictive depth.

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